Biovista Bangladesh Ltd

Our team

Rakib Ahmed, Chairman, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Mr Ahmed is one of our directors who has huge 12 years of experiences in pharmaceutical industry. He is a Dhaka University graduate and the major of his B.Sc and M.Sc was Biochemistry. He also has an MBA degree majoring in Marketing. Mr Ahmed knows mostly about pharmaceutical industries-their problems and solutions. He also has practical experiences with diagnostic tools- reagents and equipments. He has unique skills to supervise and train fresh university graduates who starts their career in health sectors like pharmaceutical companies or in diagnostic centers.


Mr Ahmed has enormous knowledge in development and quality control of drugs. Mr Ahmed attended many national and international symposiums. He participated much professional training including a recent one in Bali, Indonesia. Ahmed is a member of various professional organizations. He is general secretary of running executive committee of Graduate Biochemists Association (GBA), Bangladesh, executive member of federation of biological & chemical societies (FBCS) and life member of the Bangladesh society for biochemistry & molecular biology (BMBS) and member of Bangladesh society for pharmaceuticals professionals (BSPP).


Md. Aktar Hossain, Managing Director, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Mr. Hossain graduated (B.Sc and M.Sc.) from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka. He was lately awarded M.Phil degree from the same department. He has got certificate on research methodology with SPSS Literacy, professional key account management & strategic alliances, and “supply chain management”. Mr. Hossain has ten national and international publications on biochemistry and immunology. His main role in Biovista Bangladesh Limited is to promote diagnostic products and customer services. He has been working in large private organizations for about 6 years in the field of marketing and distribution of diagnostic and hospital equipments, reagents, etc. Besides his theoretical and academic background, Hossain has acquired practical knowledge in immunology, biochemistry, Microbiology and hematology while he has been working as a biochemist in Bangladesh medical college hospital and as a consultant in Noor Medical Services in Dhaka.


He was also working as Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, Tejgaon College, and Dhaka. He has extended knowledge on Marketing & Application of equipments & reagents of Beckman Coulter, USA; BioMerieux, France and Instrumentation Laboratory, Italy while he was working as Manager in a renowned private organization. He also has gained working experience on equipments & reagents of Abbott Diagnostic, USA; DPC, USA; Roche Diagnostic, Germany. Sysmex, Japan, Olympus, Japan and Ortho Diagnostic, Germany etc.


Dr. M. Nahidul Hasan

Dr. M. Nahidul Hasan, an expatriate living in the Netherlands, is running his own business in the name of Business Connection BV and Biovista BD Limited. Dr Hasan obtained his BSc degree (majoring in Biochemistry) from the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and MSc degree (majoring in Medical Molecular Biology) from the University of Westminster in collaboration with University College London (University of London), UK. Dr. Nahidul Hasan is responsible for overseas business development of Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.


Immediately after he was awarded MSc degree (UK), Dr Hasan moved to Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in The Netherlands as a research assistant. He then admitted into PhD course in the field of oncology. After one and half years of research at LUMC, Dr Hasan felt the necessity to switch the field of his specialization and moved to Delft University of Technology (TUDELFT) to continue his PhD in industrial Biotechnology. After completing his PhD, Dr Hasan worked at the same University as a postdoctoral fellow for consecutive two years. Due to his deep passion about his own country, Dr Hasan started to look for sustainable and reliable solution for Arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh.


Dr Hasan secured funds from Dutch Government for his esteemed research for the removal of oxo-anions including arsenate, arsenite, phosphate, tungstate, vanadate and few others from liquids which resulted in a patent application where Dr Hasan was the main inventor. A spin off company, Biaqua was formed in 2009 based on Hasan’s invention under the guidance of Prof W.R. Hagen and Prof. M C M van Loosdrecht.


An international patent application was filed protecting the invention came from Hasan and his colleague’s research. Hasan has published many scientific articles and gave lectures in many national and international conferences.


Md. Al-Amin, Director, Accounts and Finance

Md Al-Amin is an expert in finance and banking. His major in MBA was finance. He also obtained B.Sc & M.Sc degrees from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Dhaka. He has been serving the Banking industry for more than last 10 years. He also has exposure on marketing with multinational companies like Roche Pharmaceuticals & Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. Mr. Al-Amin is responsible for the accounts and finance division of Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.


Dr. Mohammed Akhter Hossain, Specialist advisor, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Dr. Akhter Hossain is one of peptide scientist in the world. He works on small cyclodextrin molecules, human insulin, insulin-like peptides (equine relaxin, rat relaxin, relaxin-2, 3 and 5, INSL3, INSL5) and various antimicrobial peptides. He has established strong collaborations with several national and international partners from both academia and industry. One of Hossain’s original contributions on the hormone relaxin, which is now in the final stage (Phase III) of clinical trial for the treatment of acute heart failure, has been patented. Hossain is also co-inventor of two other patent applications, which have been filed by the Florey. These patents are related to the neuropeptide H3 relaxin (discovery of new agonist and antagonist).


Hossain’s leadership and ability to conduct independent and high quality research are also demonstrated by his ability to attract salary and research funding from various sources, particularly from competitive funding agencies that include ARC, NHMRC and national and international industrial links. He has attracted over $2.5 M in research or infrastructure support.

Dr. Akhter Hossain obtained PhD in Bioengineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan He holds B.Sc & M.Sc in Biochemistry from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has 22 international articles as first author, 5 articles as senior/corresponding and 3 cover story articles. He has been ranked number 3 author in the field of relaxin or insulin-like peptides over past 5-years worldwide (ISI Web of Science). Dr. Akhter is member of American peptide society, Australian peptide society, Japanese Neuroscience Society, Graduate Biochemists Association (GBA), Bangladesh, Alumni, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), PhD confirmation: Judging Panel member (Florey), Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) committee, Health and safety committee, Editor, Florey's Annual Report (2005-present), Neuropeptide Division


Dr. Tangir Ahmed, Specialist advisor, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Dr. T. Ahamed has eight years of experience in biopharmaceutical production process ranging from laboratory scale process development to industrial scale manufacturing. His expertise in Biopharmaceutical Process Engineering includes process feasibility analysis, techno-economic evaluation, process development, design of cGMP manufacturing process and facility, process equipment design, process scale-up, technology transfer of manufacturing process. His core area of specialization is downstream processing of biologics. He has successfully designed numerous downstream purification processes for cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for world leading biotech companies (i.e. DSM, Biogen Idec, Organon). He can give reality of a biotech product by supporting all the way from 'concept' to 'large-scale manufacturing'. He is experienced in different types of biotech products, including bulk enzymes, protein-based biopharmaceuticals, live bacteria-based products, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.


Dr. T. Ahamed obtained PhD in Bioseparation Process Design from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. He holds M.Sc in Bioprocess Technology from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and B.Sc in Biotechnology from Khulna University, Bangladesh. He is an author/co-author of more than 15 articles on 'design of biopharmaceutical manufacturing process' that are published in renowned international journals. He is certified as a Professional Designer in Bioprocess Engineering by the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers.


Dr. Jafar Mazumdar, Specialist advisor, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Dr. Jafar Mazumder is a chemical scientist, who graduated with B.Sc (Hons.), M.Sc (Chemistry) from Aligarh Muslim University, India, MS (Chemistry) from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia, and PhD(Chemistry) from McMaster University, Canada, currently pursuing postdoctoral research in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University under close collaboration with outstanding scientists and clinicians from various Canadian and US universities and companies through 20/20 NSERC Ophthalmic Biomaterials Network.

In 10 years of academic research, Dr. Jafar Mazumder has had the opportunity to work with several different collaborative research groups and has exposed himself to a broad range of research areas, including chemistry, engineering and material sciences where he developed and engineered synthetic polymeric biomaterials for application in the development of microcapsule-based gene therapeutics. Moreover, he has over three years of working experience in renowned pharmaceutical company (SONEAR Laboratories Ltd) as a quality control Chemist, worked on the development, optimization and characterization of various chemical and medicinal products and exposed with a variety of analytical techniques/ instruments.

 Dr. Jafar Mazumder secured 2 US patents, 1 book chapter published by ACS, 11 international journal articles, and had the opportunity to present his research at 14 national and international conferences (Canada and USA). He is a member of American Chemical Society (ACS), Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), Canadian Biomaterial Society (CBS) and life member of Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS). In his academic career he has been awarded with numerous national and international scholarships and awards that include the prestigious Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarship for undergraduate studies in India, Aligarh Muslim University undergraduate & graduate Gold medal, and certificate of excellence from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.


Long term scientific goal of Dr. Jafar Mazumder is not merely to make science fun and entertaining for people, it is to engage them with a multidisciplinary scientific mission at a deeper level to create a space through which they can interact with scientific ideas, developing connections between science, engineering and biology, and thoughts of their own to contributions to society. He feels this goal and his engaging personality make him an engaging person to work with and help inspire his co-workers in any professional setting.


Md. Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan, Head of Engineer, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd

Mr. Rahman has vast experience on painting & coating of steel when he was working as Assistant General Manager (painting & Coating) in Western Marine Shipyard Ltd, Chittagong. He was responsible for Quality Control and Assurance of Abrasive Blasting and Coating preparation, checking wet and dry film thickness, checking of humidity, chloride analysis and other contamination testing. Also He was responsible in steel fabrication and erection for industrial and manufacturing facilities, power plants, high rise buildings, road tunnels and bridges among others.


While he was working in Khulna Shipyard Ltd. He Performed in-process and final inspection of coating and painting activities that includes, verification of blasting materials to be used. Inspection and testing of coating/ painting equipment, visual inspection and verify surface profile of metal surface prior to metal surface prior to coating/ painting after blasting/cleaning. He prepared and completed of quality reports/records and other quality related documents for activity acceptance and final project handover.


He has done special course on Sigma Coating & Painting Singapore; International Coating & Painting Singapore and Paint & Coating Course by Bangladesh Navy. He has certification on PSPC Course By BURU VARITAS (BV) as Painting Inspector. He had participated in 6 weeks course on Fire Fighting & Damage Control Course 1,2 & 3 held in BNS ISSA KHAN Training Complex, Chittagong. He is efficient in fire fighting & damage control organization and uses of equipments as well as efficient in security & safety management


Md. Abdul Baten, Sr. Engineer, Biovista Bangladesh Ltd


Mr. A. Baten graduated B.Sc from the Department of Electrical & Electronics, University of Information Technology & Science, Bangladesh. He has been working in large private organizations for about 5 years in the field of Service of diagnostic and hospital equipments. Besides his theoretical and academic background, Hossain has acquired practical knowledge on the equipments of immunology, biochemistry, Microbiology and hematology.


He has extended knowledge on Services of equipments of Beckman Coulter, USA; BioMerieux, France, Qiagen BV, Germany and Instrumentation Laboratory, Italy while he was working as Engineer in a renowned private organization. He has gained overseas training on the qPCR equipments of Qiagen, Germany. Also he has training on communication system of Telecommunication Engineer from CRB, Bangladesh and on Biomedical Engineering from BSMMU & Apollo Hospital, Bangladesh.


MAH Badsha, Sr. Engr., Biovista Bangladesh Ltd.

Mr. Abu Hashnat Badsha graduated from International University of Business Agriculture and Technology. He also did his masters in Urban Water and Sanitation specialized on wastewater treatment system at UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands. He has been working as a researcher and teaching at IUBAT as lecturer for more than 2 years. He joined several international research projects in Germany and Thailand. Besides his theoretical and academic background, Badsha has acquired practical knowledge on the wastewater treatment technology under different overseas partners of Biovista like Dryden Aqua, Switzerland and Hanovia, UK.